CBD Oil Uses

May 20, 2020

CBD Oil Uses

How and Why CBD Oil Should Be Used

CBD has been really growing in the last few years and it is because it is known to play an important role in improving overall health and wellness.  There are dozens of ways that cbd oil can be used such as in a lotion to ease sore muscles, as cbd gummies because they are quick and convenient to consume.  Or even as a tincture mixed with your favorite beverage.  Heck, I have even seen CBD infused moonshine.  

However, you decide to use CBD it may benefit you in various ways.  Below we discuss some benefits to why CBD oil should be used. 

Most people choose to use CBD oil to maintain well-being and overall general health.  Others use it specifically to help provide relief to discomfort or help with symptoms from certain health ailments.  While others use CBD oil to improve mood and a positive mental state. 

Overall Health and Wellness:  

The way that CBD oil helps to improve their well-being is because of how it gets along with the endocannabinoid system (ECS).  Our ECS system is involved in a wide range of bodily functions that include pain management, mood, and even our immune system.  Our ECS system regulate and balances these functions and CBD assists with this to help provide our body with a balanced state of homeostasis.  

Improved Mood and Positive Mental Support

This is probably one of the most common uses of CBD oil.  Since we know that the ECS system also helps to regulate the central nervous system then cbd is a likely beneficial nutrient to help existing endocannabinoids improve effectiveness with the regulation of brain function.  Scientists have studied this and have found that CBD can increases levels of serotonin which is our feel food hormone.  This allows people to better cope with stress and anxiety.  

Pain Management: 

A common use of CBD is for pain relief or minor discomforts.  This could be muscle recovery, tight or stiff muscles or something else.  Since we know the ECS is involved with the central nervous system we know that CBD may play a role in supporting the ECS with nerve function and muscles.  

It has been found that the endocannabinoids that trigger the receptors in our muscles and nerves are able to do their job more effectively and for a longer period of time when CBD is used to help with pain relief.  CBD is able to help block enzymes that tend to break down endocannabinoids.  This allows this to function more efficiently for a longer period of time which then provides greater relief of pain and discomfort. 

CBD also helps with supporting healthy joints.  It does so the same way it helps with discomfort in the muscles through the ECS and the receptors that function within the joints. 

Here are Various Ways To Use CBD Oil:

Different methods of ingesting CBD can affect people in different ways based on how it was ingested.  The amount of CBD contained in each method of ingestion of course can affect people differently also.  Here are some common ways to consume CBD oil. 

Edible/Ingestible CBD Products:

You can consume CBD in various ingestible forms such as gummies, capsules and even in pre-mixed drinks.  Edible/Ingestible forms of CBD oil can take longer for the body to absorb because it has to go through the digestive tract and is partially absorbed there and in the liver.

When CBD oil is used with nanotechnology it breaks down the CBD particles to such a small amount that they mix better with water. This form can enter your body within minutes instead of hours when consumed this way. 

Sublingual CBD Products:

Sublingual means that the CBD is placed under the tongue and absorbed over the next 30-60 seconds.  This form is used with oils, tinctures, sprays and lozenges.  This form allows for fast absorption because of the ability to absorb quickly under the tongue.  

Topical CBD Products:  

Topicals are a form where a carrier oil such as lotion or a cream is combined with the CBD.  This is then absorbed through the skin.  This is great for targeting a specific area such as a sore muscle or body part.  Typically it only takes 30-60 minutes for topical CBD treatments to take effect.  

Inhalant CBD Products:

CBD can also be inhaled through a vaping cartridge and can take as little as 10 minutes to take effect.  As fast as it can take effect also means it doesn’t last as long in the body either.  At this time we would approach this method with caution because of unsafe vaping cartridges that are on the market.  There are low quality cartridges that can have adverse effects.  


As you can see there are many benefits to using CBD oil and there are also multiple ways you can consume this oil.  The benefits can range from pain relief, mood support or just improving overall health.  Find a method of consumption that works for you and meets your needs and start enjoying the benefits of CBD oil.