Farm To Bottle Transparency

March 15, 2021

Farm To Bottle Transparency

A recent report came out that uncovered some alarming news.   It showed that 57% of the CBD brands they tested did not contain what they said the product contained on the label.  Some products contained only trace amounts of CBD.

Another alarming discovery was that 21% of the samples tested contained higher than legally allowed THC. 

There are reports on news channels popping up in places like Miami, New York and elsewhere showing these same alarming facts.  

Not only is this a scam or get rich quick scheme it is causing people to potentially lose their jobs if they are required to get drug tested and they test positive for THC. 

Let’s also not forget that these people buying these fake products are not seeing any results.

These are just some of the reasons why we have gone through our due diligence to ensure a high-quality CBD product that contains 0.00% THC and is verified to contain the active cannabinoids that are listed on the label. 

All Jaylab Pro Botanicals products are vetted by medical professionals and are made with 0.00% THC Broad Spectrum CBD.   We use a patented process to create a CBD produt that is THC free which means it doesn’t contain any psychoactive compounds that are often found in cannabis.  The plants are also grown and extracted here in the USA. 

Jaylab Pro Botanicals products are tested by independent third-party labs for fungus, bacteria, pesticides and metals.  You would be surprised that not all CBD products are tested for these areas of concern. 

Our products are also tested to make sure the amount of CBD that is listed on the label is in the bottle.  We make all the lab reports available to you on our website to prove the purity of our CBD products. 

Our CBD products are certified NON-GMO and are made using a clean extraction process that is free from solvents and harsh chemicals and we use eco-friendly extraction methods. 

It is our responsibility to hold our farmers to a higher standard of purity and safety which is why we only accept hemp that is farmed according to organic practices here in the USA.  The hemp is also tested by independent licensed laboratories recognized by the state in which the lab is licensed.

Our mission here at Jaylab Pro Botanicals is to educate the world on the benefits of CBD by providing transparency with our premium quality CBD products and through our videos and articles. 

This mission is also why all our products are Curated By Doctors and hand selected so that you can feel confident in trying our CBD products. 


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