How To Tell The Difference Between Real CBD Oil and Fake CBD Oil

June 12, 2020

How To Tell The Difference Between Real CBD Oil and Fake CBD Oil

When purchasing CBD oil how do you know if it is the real stuff or a fake imposter?

This is a legitimate question that should be asked every time you buy CBD. 

The CBD industry is growing to upwards of $22 billion and this invites a lot of bad players into the market trying to find a get rich quick scheme of selling fake CBD oils.  

We outline the specifics below for you to be able to spot the difference between real and fake CBD oil.

If your health and wellness is important to you then you need to purchase your CBD Oil from a reputable company like JayLab Pro Botanicals and not from synthetic hemp oil companies that are untested. 

These fake CBD oil companies are causing major health issues as we have seen recently with the fake vaping CBD oils that are collapsing lungs and causing irreversible lunge damage.  

Here is how you determine if a CBD product is fake or real…

First you want to read the ingredients…

If the ingredients look odd or skeptical then there is a good chance that the CBD oil is fake. 

Real CBD oil ingredients will contain terms such as “hemp-derived”, “full-spectrum” and it will also list the specific concentration of the oil. 

The second thing you want to look for is if the oil or product is verified.  

Real CBD oil will have third-party verification and testing reports showing what is in the product and that it is safe to consume.  This is called being transparent.  

Third thing you want to look at is the company website.  A legitimate company will have additional information available that discusses their extraction process, any certifications, ingredients and testing of their products. 

It is typical for a quality CBD oil to be mixed with what is called a carrier oil or water.  If you find a CBD product mixed with chemicals this means they are fake, untested and potentially dangerous.  

You may also see CBD products that say it is made from hemp seed oil.  This is fake because CBD does not come from hemp seeds.  It comes from the flowers and other parts of the plant.  

Why Buy CBD Oil From JayLab Pro Botanicals? 

At JayLab Pro Botanicals we focus on quality and purity.  Our product line contains the highest quality CBD hemp oil available.  On every batch we test our finished products using Ultra Performance Convergence Chromatography to ensure each batch meets full potency and purity standards. 

We are a part of a vertically integrated team which means we control the process of CBD oil from seed to shelf.  Our seeds are produced in our teams fields that are then grown for hemp extraction.  We have fields in Oregon, Colorado and other locations that grow well over 1,000 acres of responsibly grown organic hemp.  

Our hemp is grown to ensure the highest CBD levels and is licensed to be grown under a very watchful eye to ensure quality.  We are also proud to manage our extraction facilities where we take the biomass from all of our fields and produce the full-spectrum CBD oil that is then formulated into our products.

Our extraction methods of CBD are completed using a combination of ethanol extraction, falling film evaporation, and wiped fill distillation which delivers a pure, honey-like hemp oil.  There is nothing else like it on the market.  

We lead the way with creating new industry standards and our CBD oil is the most effective, quality oil on the market today. 

We truly care about our customers’ health and why we make the best possible products that also produce the best possible results. 

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