Top 7 Benefits Of CBD

June 02, 2020

Top 7 Benefits Of CBD

There is a lot of talk right now about CBD.  Doesn’t matter where you turn there is a billboard, a pop-up store or athlete marketing CBD. 

It is growing in popularity so fast because the world is discovering that there are real benefits to CBD.  Since maintaining a healthy lifestyle and a pain free lifestyle is important to so many of us it makes sense that there is talk about CBD.  

This also brings up a lot of questions in regards to what is CBD good for and how can it be used.  

Here are the top 7 Benefits to CBD and how it may benefit you… 

  1. Mood Levels/Depression 

Research has shown that the cannabidiols in CBD have been beneficial to fighting depression.  Normal depression symptoms can include trouble sleeping, low energy, sadness and other symptoms.  

In various scientific studies researchers have found that CBD is effective in reducing stress and anxiety.  It is particularly beneficial for those that live with social anxiety.  

It does this researchers believe by changing how serotonin is handled by the brain receptors.  They believe CBD allows the brain to respond to serotonin in a more efficient way therefore creating calmness.  

  1. Skin Care

You may not know, but CBD is beneficial for healthy skin.  CBD may be able to help repair damaged skin as well as help skin cells to heal faster.   A study was conducted that looked at the oil activity that our skin glands produce.  They found that CBD may help regulate the production of sebum which is what is produced by our skin glands.  This allows our skin to maintain a more normal healthy appearance and possibly have fewer skin blemishes. 

  1. Provides Relief Of Cancer Symptoms 

This is going back to early research and discovery of what CBD may be beneficial for.  Researchers have found that CBD has a number of benefits which includes reducing the level of nausea when someone is going through chemotherapy treatment.  It may also help with neuropathic pain which is a side effect of cancer treatments.  

  1. Support a Strong Cardiovascular System

Researchers are finding that CBD may play a role in maintaining healthy cholesterol levels and proper blood pressure levels.  There have been a few studies conducted showing that those who took CBD had higher levels of good cholesterol (HDL). 

They have also shown that in 2017 CBD was beneficial in lowering resting systolic blood pressure.  Since there are millions of people struggling with high blood pressure it is encouraging to see that CBD might be able to help them get back to a normal blood pressure level. 

  1. Pain Management

A common use of CBD is for pain relief or minor discomforts.  This could be muscle recovery, tight or stiff muscles or something else.  Since we know the ECS is involved with the central nervous system we know that CBD may play a role in supporting the ECS with nerve function and muscles. 

It has been found that the endocannabinoids that trigger the receptors in our muscles and nerves are able to do their job more effectively and for a longer period of time when CBD is used to help with pain relief.  CBD is able to help block enzymes that tend to break down endocannabinoids.  This allows this to function more efficiently for a longer period of time which then provides greater relief of pain and discomfort. 

CBD also helps with supporting healthy joints.  It does so the same way it helps with discomfort in the muscles through the ECS and the receptors that function within the joints.  

  1. Improves Sleep

Sleep is crucial for some many bodily functions to operate properly.  It is one of the keys to an overall healthy body.  Struggling with a night of quality sleep though is tough.  It can affect our appetites, our body weight regulation and so much more.  

CBD may be able to help with this though.  Numerous studies have indicated that taking CBD before a person goes to bed may help them fall asleep more easily.  It can help them relax and get to a deeper sleep more quickly. 

Scientists believe CBD is effective is because it helps to reduce anxiety and creates a sense of calm.  

  1. Support a Healthy Brain

Scientists have discovered that CBD has the ability to support the normal functioning of the brain.  CBD is very involved with the endocannabinoid system and can help with the growth of new brain cells.  CBD may also help to remove damaged brain cells and reduce glutamate toxicity.  They have also been seen to reduce inflammation and have an anti-inflammatory effect on the brain.  As we age the production of new neurons in our brain become much slower and science is showing us that lose doses of CBD can generate new brain cells and counteract this part of the aging process.


As you can see CBD has a wide range of potential benefits with improving our overall health.  Since CBD affects everyone differently the amounts and type of CBD may be different based on your individual needs and how your body responds to CBD.  CBD is a great safe alternative to improving overall health and works with the body in a natural way to promote overall well-being.  

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