Q: Does JayLab Pro Follow Responsible Growing Practices?  

A: We support farms that grow Non-GMO Organic crops and understand the replenishing nature of hemp as a crop.  There is no need for pesticides, herbicides or toxic fertilizer as hemp is naturally resistance to most pests.

Q: Is JayLab Pro Botanicals CBD/Hemp Legal?

A: Our Hemp Oil comes from industrial hemp, and is completely legal to buy in all 50 states of the USA.

Q: How Is CBD Extracted? 

A: JayLab Pro Botanicals uses an automated extraction method called Molecular Distillation.  This process purifies and separates the compounds by running them through a column containing both heated and cooled zones. This allows for terpenes to remain perfectly intact, assuring consistent high quality products.

Q: Is it Psychotropic?

A: Our products are 0.00% THC (broad spectrum) which means it contains  no detectable trace of THC (produces no effect).  So none of our products are psychotropic. 

Q: Is It Effective? 

A: JayLab Pro Botanicals is the highest quality cbd/hemp oil available and has been described as giving a feeling of well-being and alertness. We encourage you to research CBD Hemp Oil to learn about its many benefits.